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Monday 13th May 7pm

Family BBQ The Barn All sections All welcome! Bring along friends and family to the barn to catch up on 4th Leicester's activities over the last year. 

Saturday 25th May

Bag packing TBC All sections Raise money for 4th Leicester by packing bags at a local supermarket.
29th May 7pm

Family Walk and BBQ

Beacon Hill Country Park
 All sections

All welcome! Come along for an evening walk and BBQ at Beacon Hill Country Park. 

27th July to 3rd August

Charnwood Camp

Cattows Farm All sections

Day trip for the Cubs and Beavers (subject to availability) on Weds 31st July. 

Week long camp for the Scouts and Explorers. 

An opportunity to get together with Scouts and Guides from across the country and the world at this International camp.

https://charnwood.org - Charnwood Camp Website for more info