About the Group

Brief History:

The 4th Leicester Scout Group was formerly known as the 4th Leicester Toc H Rover group. The Scout Group was founded in 1947 By Horace “Pip” Piper as an open group, meaning that we had no church affiliation. He was assisted by David Falkner and Graham Berridge. Meetings were held at the Caldecote Road School, they also met on a Saturday in a Hut on the now demolished “Strowgers Farm” on Braunstone Lane, just along from our present site. In 1948 “The Barn” was rented from Everards brewery, extensive work was carried out to convert our new home from a cowshed and stables into a usable building, including lowering the flooring so that we can get under the beams!!.All work was done by scouts and their families. The Building was officially opened on April 28th 1953 by Mr Hubbard, Director of Everards. In 1968 Pip was tragically killed in a car crash so David Falkner took on the role of Group Scout Leader. In 1996 David Falkner retired and Mr Graham Birch took the helm as GSL, until he stepped down in 2004 when Mr Simon Falkner took over and continues at this time. The Cubs were started by Olive Barkby, later replaced by Joan Falkner running the section, meeting at Caldecote Road School on the 1st week of the month then the following 3 weeks at “The Barn” until she retired. Elaine Dexter then took over when they returned to “The Barn” full time, she continues to run the pack to this day. The Beaver section was formed in 1987 by Chris Whitsey and Wendy Falkner, When Chris left Wendy continued until she handed over the reins to Julia Weedon, Ian Gamage followed, when he left Kayleigh Dexter took over, she still runs the Colony. When David Falkner became Group Scout Leader, Graham Berridge became Scout Leader, only leaving when he became Assistant District Commissioner in, He was replaced by Malcolm Bakewell until 2004 when he left to pursue other interests. Richard Clafton became our new Scout Leader, ill health forced him to step down in 2013, Darren King is now the Scout Leader.