Cubs Scouts Explorers


Look up adventure in the dictionary and you’ll find Scouts abseiling off the page. We’re the original mud splattered, outdoor adventurers and we’re still going strong. You’ll recognise us by our teal green uniform – but be warned, we could just as easily be dressed for canoeing, caving or swimming!

The Scout Section is for young people aged 10½ to 14 years. Offering plenty of outdoor adventure and practical skills, Scouts encourages girls and boys to take responsibility for themselves and each other.

In the Troop Scouts:
• develop leadership skills
• learn emergency aid
• spend nights away - the summer camp is often the  highlight of the year
• help others in the community
• cook, both at home and at camp
• take part in adventurous and sporting activities
• learn survival skills.

We Meet on a Wednesday at the barn between 7pm & 9pm