Cubs Scouts Explorers


Cub Scouts, in various guises, have been part of Scouting since 1916. Originally known as Wolf Cubs, they represent the energy, optimism and cheerfulness for which Scouting is famous.

Cub Scouts are aged between 8-10½ years old. They are the second section in the Scouting family in the UK. They enjoy new adventures while making new friends along the way. As well as regular weekly meetings, Cub Scouts also enjoy activity days, weekend camps and pack holidays.

Boys and girls in Cub Scouts:
• go camping
• play games
• explore the outdoors
• try adventurous activities – such as climbing, sailing and archery
• meet people from their local community
• experience the culture of other countries
• keep themselves and others safe.

We Meet on a Monday at the barn between 6.45pm & 8.15pm